AWA by nosigner

Checking in on the ongoing show (coverage here & here) at the boutique hotel CLASKA, Japanese designer nosigner will be showcasing AWA, a series of furniture and products he designed for the Tokushima Wood-Bamboo Workers Association.

Triangle  / Square  / Rhombus (2,000 – 5,000 yen)
A series of triangle, square and rhombus-shaped desk organizers. Each one is magnetic, allowing you to create your own kick-ass pencil holder!

Hex (200,600 yen)
A sofa inspired by a hexagonal crystal. I like how the plywood wraps around the sofa and creates a side table that feels like it’s part of the sofa.

Squares (450,000 yen)
Squares is a cabinet of perfect rectangles, which, by definition, is a rectangle built by squares of all different sizes. And for all you geeks like myself who are fascinated by this sort of things, there is an online database of perfect rectangles! I love the Internet.

Is it just me or do those look more like squares than rectangles?

Caresser la Maison
Template in CLASKA


  1. I have to hand it to you: their design is very creative and it pleases my eye.

  2. The Hex sofa looks great! I wonder if 3 or 4 people can seat on that sofa at the same time.

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