Gelitin at the Tomio Koyama Gallery

“To view the current show you must climb a rickety little bridge, then crawl through a small hole smashed through the wall. As you come through the other side, you see a large installation resembling a traditional Kyoto rock garden.
It’s not until the large garden rocks begin to shift that one realizes that each of them is actually a part of a human body, contorted to fit above the ground.”

I’m super intrigued! That was John Jay describing the current show at the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo. The 4-person Austrian collective Gelitin launches a full-blown assault on the serenity of the Japanese garden by ambushing you with the nude form of the human body. The whole beauty (form) vs vulgarity (function) thing is an interesting concept and reminds me a lot of the work of Spanish photog David Blazquez, who’s human furniture shots I came across on French Blast.

New Yorkersdon’t feel left out. You too can get in on the Gelitin awesomeness over at Deitch Long Island City.

via The Moment


  1. amazing! this is my new favorite site.

  2. amazing! this is my new favorite site.

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