Through November 9th, Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya is presenting “Make up” – the work of Ayami Nishimura, captured by English photographer Rankin. Well known for his fashion photography, which includes a wide range of celebrities, Rankin’s work enters a territory of expressionism as it collides with the vivid work of Ayami.

Ayami Nishimura is a self-made woman, born in Japan but attracted to the US and Europe. She developed a very unique style that is both colorful and pictorial; surprising and beautiful. It’s no wonder that she counts among her clients Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue!

Ayami transforms the skin into a living canvas in which she sculpts her colors. Her make-up is not intended to enhance a face or a body. Rather, it creates new patterns to reshape and reconfigure the body. I love the last picture in how it resembles a work of Picasso, playing with lights and giving new dimension to the face. The imagination of Ayami seems unlimited as it pushes the viewer to swim between a candy-world full of primary and acid colors. It creates an erotic world that harkens back to the original intent of make-up: seduction.

Below, a video of Ayami at work:

source: Metropolis