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Nerhol, the enigmatic duo that is one part Ryuta Iida and one part Yoshihisa Tanaka, will present a large body of new work at limArt starting April 10th. Staring at their new series of photographs titled “Misunderstanding Focus,” the hand of Ryuta Iida (previously), well-known for his meticulous book carvings, is clearly evident. And yet there seems to be something else going on.

From afar each portrait seems to be out of focus or, in some cases, distorted. But what you’re looking at, in fact, are multiple photographs taken over a 3-minute period. Despite the subject model being asked to remain still, blood continues to run through their veins, muscles tighten and signals are sent back and forth between our sensory organs. It’s physically impossible for us to remain still. And in the same way that our bodies bear witness to the stronghold of time, our consciousness is encapsulated by our bodies. “Misunderstanding Focus” is an expression of the passage of time through our inability to stay still.

The group’s name, Nerhol, is derived from the duo’s synergistic traits: Yoshihisa Tanaka kneads ideas (Neru) while Ryuta Iida sculpts ideas (horu). The collaborative work between Tanaka and Iida, who come from backgrounds in graphic design and fine art, respectively, is an effort to deepen the concepts behind their art, and an experiment in opening up new possibilities for artistic expression.

Misunderstanding Focus
limArt (Gmap)
4.10.2012 – 5.13
12:00 – 20:00 (closed Mondays)

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