Good Design Awards 2012 | INGEN rental apartments by Akio Yachida

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ok, I’m going to stop, but just one more find from the 2012 Good Design Awards: lovely rental apartments just outside Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station in Tokyo designed by Akio Yachida. The 7-story building is home to 12 attractive loft spaces and a retail space on the ground level. Interested? According to this listing the monthly rent costs between 131,000~138,000 yen.

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  1. 132,000 ($1600 CAD) isn’t that bad for the location. Considering a decent condo rental here Downtown Toronto will run you anywhere from $1400-1800 per month and you get roughly the same size of space! (although the Tokyo rental is by far better appointed than what is available here in Toronto).

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