Last week I came across the latest Casa Brutus magazine which had the most striking staircase on its cover. I grabbed what I could find on their website, which obviously wasn’t enough to satisfy my curiosity. Luckily one of my readers in Japan, Ruth Thomas, saw my post and was kind enough to mail me a copy!

Below are some of my favorite tips they give out in the issue on space saving and storage. But I don’t want to undermine the fabulous work of the editors at Casa Brutus. If you like what you see, go out and buy the magazine (amazon jp ships overseas).

Tip #1
Use shelving to support your home

all images courtesy Casa Brutus | click to enlarge

Tip #2
Make your home a storage box

Tip #3
Decide on a place for everything

Tip #4
Use shelves to gently compartmentalize

Tip #5
Raise floors to create new sub-floor storage


Tip #6 (last but certainly not least)
Use stairs to their fullest potential. This project was implemented in a home called Azuki Saichu. It’s used to store the owner’s extensive collection of pottery.

(Ruth is the proprietor of Toringa Projects, an interior design and consulting company in Japan. And this weekend she will also become the proud owner of eunoia, a new design store in Kamakura. Congrats Ruth, and thanks!)