the 4 artists tasked with creating the world’s smallest bento

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A watchmaker, a surgeon, a chef and a diorama artist are sitting around together. Each is a master of their trade and together, they’re attempting to create the world’s smallest bento. One that fits inside a wristwatch yet is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that a busy worker needs to get through the day.

bento-watch (1)


The watchmaker designs the box and chopsticks for the bento. The surgeon slices the meats and vegetables. The chef prepares the food (note the adorable miniature wok at the 47 second mark). Finally, the diorama artist pulls it all together to create the bento watch: the world’s smallest bento.


Why are they doing this? Fair question. It’s actually an ad campaign by Takii, a Japanese agriculture company focused on making high-quality seeds for nutritious fruits and vegetables. The creative ad was made to demonstrate that their Phyto Rich lineup of veggies are so packed with nutrients, all you need is a wristwatch-sized intake. All done in good humor, of course!