What’s in a name? For Japanese artist ipnot, a lot. Raised by makers and crafters, ipnot was given her nickname when she was young but she’s certainly grown into it. After discovering embroidery from her Grandmother and then being fascinated by the French knot, ipnot has spent years perfecting her hand-embroidery art and today creates “paintings” using just needles and yarn.

embroidered miniature ramen

Particularly alluring are ipnot’s miniature and realistic depictions of food, which are created in part by carefully combining the rights hues from her collection of roughly 500 different colors of yarn.

embroidered miniature ramen

embroidered miniature ramen

You can see more of her work on Twitter and Instagram where she posts new creations. There’s also some fun stuff on her website (like embroidered social media icons).

embroidered mini tomatoes


embroidered miniature apple, whole and sliced in half

embroidered miniature chocolate (can you tell which is embroidery?)

embroidered miniature Ehomaki, a type of sushi roll

embroidered miniature matcha