photos by Katsuhiro Aoki courtesy Same Picture Company

For all that’s written and said about the difficulty of starting a business in Japan, there is one exception. The country’s lax zoning laws make it particularly easy to convert a section of your home into a cafe or eatery. Case in point: Breeze Bird Cafe & Bakery in Kamakura, a 2-family home ideally located right next to the Wadazuka train station along the quaint Enoden line.


the sculptural counter was custom-made for the space using wood from the amur cork tree

The restaurant was designed by local architecture firm Same Picture Company, who travelled to Hokkaido with the owner and chef to select wood that would match the concept and menu. The interior was renovated by combining two rooms and a bathroom, which revealed an open layout with plenty of sunlight. The interior walls are plastered using local soil.

Friendly and unpretentious, Breeze Bird Cafe & Bakery emphasizes fresh and local ingredients in their menu, which ranges from simple breads and salads in the morning to more creative dishes in the evening. And there are multiple spaces where you can enjoy different views. There’s the indoor dining area, the outdoor deck and outdoor standing area, which affords views of the Enoden train line.

If you’re in Kamakura, stop by Breeze Bird Cafe & Bakery (map). But they have irregular hours so you’ll want to check their Instagram account to make sure they’re open before you go.

the outdoor standing area, where you can have a drink and watch the quaint Enoden train pass by

mizunara oak was used for the tables while Hokkaido cedar and chestnut were used for the outer walls, flooring and deck