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Asako Kitamura, Japan’s Only Female Nebuta Float Artisan

Morito Project: A Series of Lifestyle Products Inspired by the Forest

Japanese Vinyard and Chusen Dyeing Come Together to Create Sustainable Gift Set

Porcelain Brand Maruhiro’s New Shop & Cafe Comes With a Park

An Exhibition of Ultra-Specific Leather Bags From Tsuchiya Kaban

In Historic Narai-Juku, an Ancient Sake Brewery Converted to a Lodge

Artists and Artisans Collaborate on Exhibition of 144 Maekake Aprons

Bread Bugs: Intriguing and Adorable Four-Legged Felt Pastries by Atelier Hatena

Miniature, Ornate Wooden ‘Danjiri’ Floats Carved Entirely by Hand

An Undulating Glass Facade Defines this Renovated Kimono Showroom in Kyoto

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