I spotted this cool exhibit that I’m jotting down on my calendar in bold red! Trendy boutique hotel CLASKA in Tokyo will be hosting “caresser la maison,” an exhibition by Rie Yagura starting October 3rd in their gallery space “Do.” And courtesy of Elle Deco, we get a sneak peak into what the show will look like!



(images courtesy of Elle Deco

Equating to something like “caress you home,” the exhibition will showcase a wide range of products by Paris-based Yagura, who believes that the secret to creating a comfortable space is to love the space. Yagura creates unique interiors by basically recycling and transforming objects. Works that will be shown, and will be on sale, include an old table modified by attaching additional plating (top image), a wooden turntable turned key holder, floor lamps fashioned out of headlights salvaged from an old automobile (middle image), and a reupholstered chair with some embroidery work (bottom image).

This show is of particular interest to me because the antiquey style is still very rare in Tokyo but I see it catching on in the near future!