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Setouchi Jozojo’s New Brewery and Retail Shop

Ume Yamazoe is an ‘inconvenient’ hotel renovated from a Japanese mountain hamlet townhouse

Circular Pedestals Suspend Vegetation in Midair at REN, a Specialty Plant Store in Tokyo

Milkbrew Coffee in Saga is Built Inside a Renovated Historic Warehouse

MAPPA Studio: a look inside the office that’s creating your favorite anime

Cartier Osaka’s New Three-Dimensional Facade Made from 2500 Hand Crafted ‘Masu’

Hasamiyaki Pottery Brand Maruhiro Renovated an 86-Year Old Townhouse as a New Office

Film Prop Makers Built a Totoro-Themed ‘Dream Studio’ in the Blue Mountains of Australia

A Butterfly Sipping Moisture from Puddles, Sculpted Entirely in Wood by Toru Fukuda

Reductive Architecture Reduces the Burden of Maintaining Large Japanese Townhouse

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