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Artisanal Ghibli Collection Blends Animation with Craftsmanship

Glass Artist Genki Hirano Crafts Tentacle Earbuds

Gato Mikio Has Been Preserving the Art of Hand-Turned Woodwork for Over 100 Years

Glass Coffeeware Brand Hario Created a Jewelry Business to Help Artisans Hone Their Craft

Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko

Glass Ghost Chopstick Rests are the Perfect Halloween Accessory

Asako Kitamura, Japan’s Only Female Nebuta Float Artisan

Morito Project: A Series of Lifestyle Products Inspired by the Forest

Japanese Vinyard and Chusen Dyeing Come Together to Create Sustainable Gift Set

Porcelain Brand Maruhiro’s New Shop & Cafe Comes With a Park

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