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Artists and Artisans Collaborate on Exhibition of 144 Maekake Aprons

Bread Bugs: Intriguing and Adorable Four-Legged Felt Pastries by Atelier Hatena

Miniature, Ornate Wooden ‘Danjiri’ Floats Carved Entirely by Hand

An Undulating Glass Facade Defines this Renovated Kimono Showroom in Kyoto

Papelants: Collapsible Paper Plants for the Home

Studson Studio Transforms Trash into Magical Ghibli-Inspired Miniature Models

Creepy & Crawly Plush Sculptures by Hine Mizushima

A Small Furniture Company in Hokkaido Created 5000 Medal Cases for the Tokyo Olympics

Animism Meets Craftsmanship in Japanese Obake Lanterns

Japanese Watchmaker Collaborates with Urushi Artisan to Create Elegant Lacquered Timepieces

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