Summer in Japan is not summer in Japan without fireworks. The tradition originated over 280 years ago as a means of warding off epidemics and today, no matter where you are in Japan, you can be sure to encounter fireworks festivals both large and small. And while the grand finales are typically loud, bright and bolstrous, an unspoken rule among smaller gatherings is that fireworks should always end with senko hanabi. Literally meaning ‘incense fireworks,’ these small and subtle sparklers are packed with about 10 seconds of delicate pyrotechnics. This charming yet ephemeral summer tradition has been encapsulated into a stunning set of earrings by a Japanese accessory maker.


The senko hanabi earrings are handmade by asobi x otome, an accessory maker that specializes in creating playful acrylic accessories. The earrings are currently available in two styles, matsuba and botan, as well as a kanzashi, which is a traditional headpiece worn with yukata or kimono.

The pieces range between 2,500 – 4,500 yen and are made-to-order. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan but you can also enjoy their work vicariously through Twitter or Instagram.