Almost one year ago we introduced you to Hana: flower-colored pencils that are shaped and colored like 5 of Japan’s traditional flowers and leaves. When sharpened, the shavings mimic the flower petals. Now, we’re happy to add 2 new additions to our collection to help you ring in the holiday cheer.

First, there are the Yuki Snow Colored Pencils shaped and colored like the soft gentle crystals that fall from the winter sky. Then, there are the Christmas Colored Pencils shaped and colored like Christmas ornaments from the natural world: a snowflake, holly and poinsettia. Their impressive, holiday-colored shavings can be used to decorate your Christmas cards or create wintry motifs.

from left to right, the snowflake, holly and poinsettia-colored pencils

And just like the original series, these pencils are made at an environmentally-conscious factory in Japan that utilizes a process that eliminates resource waste. The exterior that forms the shape of the pencil is made from recycled paper, which also makes them soft and easy to sharpen. And a high quality color core completes the pencil.