all photos by Mizuho Miyazaki courtesy Sankei

This year’s top photojournalism award, presented by the Tokyo Press Photographers Association, went to 28-year old Mizuho Miyazaki, a staff photographer at the Sankei Newspaper. Miyazaki traveled to Fukushima earlier this year and captured a series of photographs she titled “Colors of Recovery” (復興の色) that depicts how far the region has come since the devastating earthquake and tsunami 7 years ago.

a commuter bus in the early morning traveling along a golden amber Ofunato Bay

Miyazaki’s photographs, along with roughly 300 other notable entries that covered occurrences in 2018, will be on display at Mitsukoshi Department Store (7th floor) in Tokyo from December 18 – 24, 2018.

constructing a silver seawall in Tadaide Port that spans 923 m (3028 ft) to protect against future tsunamis

a large window carved into the seawall at the request of locals looks out upon the cobalt blue sea

Pale blue-green glass floats used by fisherman. Handmade by locals, these objects have proven popular around the country as decorative items.