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Cocage Showroom is an architectural showroom for Kochi-based residential construction company Fukuya. The unique triangular structure is the most recent work by Tanijiri Makoto of Suppose Design Office. Also referred to as triangular home Suu, the showroom is intended to provide a deeper, more significant experience for potential homebuyers. The ground floor serves as café where visitors can order drinks and deserts. On the 2nd floor is a library where you can spend an unlimited amount of time reading or just relaxing. Together, the two floors provide an experience un-attainable from attended a traditional open-house. The space is also used for hosting seminars where locals are invited to come and learn about buying a home.

I love this idea because I think it’s absurd the way we shop for homes. A home is arguably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make and yet we spend a disproportionate amount of time actually experiencing the home we’re thinking of buying.

And how amazing is that climbable rood! We showcased a home with a similar roof in the past. It really is a neat idea. However, it wouldn’t work well in New York. I imagine it would attract a lot of undesirables.

source: suppose design office website | Fukuya construction