Turntable Rider is an amazing innovation that converts any bicycle into a mobile DJ booth. With a few twists and turns your bike wheels become jog wheels, your brakes become sound pads and this epic accessory has suddenly transformed your two-wheeler into a musical instrument. Check out the demo video below. And for a closer look at the functionality, check out the making-0f video. As glorified as they make it look, I would undoubtedly be scratching as I ride to the supermarket to pick up groceries.

parts included in the turntable rider

center fader box

transforms front & back wheels into jog wheels

transforms brakes into sound pads

Turntable Rider was developed by Cogoo, a Japanese company that operates an innovative bicycle sharing service in which the bicycles can be locked/unlocked using an app on your phone. It’s sort of like Zipcar except simpler, and with polar bear mascots.

The device is just a concept model but the company is saying that if they get 5900 facebook likes they would consider commercially developing it.

source: hitspaper | Cogoo