“Blue Smile” 530×455mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021

Numerous panels, much like the ones that appear in comic books, come together to form incongruous yet multi-dimensional portraits. From realism and surrealism to cubism and pop, each panel is painted by the artist himself in a multitude of styles. It’s a process typically frowned upon in the art world, which encourages consistency and singularity in artistic styles. But for Kotaro Hoshiyama, the breaking of these rules allowed him to cultivate his own unique style of art.

“Abstract Anxiety” 1620×1303mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021

The 42-year old painter counts manga artists like Tezuka Osamu, Katsuhiro Ootomo and Kazuo Umezu as early influences. But he also looked to Picasso, Kurt Schwitters and the collage-based work of the neodadaists and pop artists. Hoshiyama enjoyed diversity and using multiple styles of expression. But he struggled with conventional pressures to choose just one, which many associate with originality. Eventually he had a breakthrough, realizing that the structures in place restricting him could be turned upside down to unleash his creative freedom.

Hoshiyama’s collages capture the diversity and fluidity of our own psyche, which result in one-of-a-kind portraits that celebrate our multi-layered personalities but also art itself.

His latest collection of work, titled “Psychological Collage,” is currently on display at Tokyo’s Roid Works Gallery. The solo exhibition runs through November 28, 2021. You can keep up with the artist on Instagram.

“Naked Woman” 910×727mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021

“Woman in Landscape Ⅱ” 530×455mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021

“Assessment” 530×455mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021

“Jam Ⅲ” 1620×1303mm Oil and acrylic on canvas 2021