click images to enlarge  | above courtesy of masahiro minami

One of the centerpieces of my imagination as a child were Denden. The curiosity they would provoke, as they oozed up the side of a wall leaving a sparkling layer of slime behind them, tickled every developing sense I had.  They followed rainfall like rats followed the pied piper, never once disappointing my expectations, which – admittedly – more often than not ended tragically for the snail.

Denden is also the name given to these beautiful wooden hooks that mimic the wall-climbing motion of their model. Having a hole and a hook is such a great idea, and would work in any kids room. It was designed by Masahiro Minami and made from all-natural Beech wood.

The word denden originated from one of many games children would play with snails in which, essentially, kids would shout “derodero” (meaning come out, come out) in hopes that the snail would poke its feelers, and then its head, out.

By the way, next week is children’s day. To commemorate, they are taking 20% off, which gets you to 2,879 yen.