Just rightWhich piece of sushi is just right? You get to decide. all images by Angela for Spoon & Tamago | click to enlarge

The NHK education television series “Design Ah!” seeks to teach children about the wonder of design. This spring they take the program out of the screen and into the museum with an art exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo Midtown’s innovative art gallery.

"Ah!" in motionAs You move, the “Ah!” moves with you | click to enlarge

From the start you are invited to stretch your “Design Mind” and literally become part of the exhibition. Almost every work on display is interactive, and children and adults alike will have fun getting their hands on the art. Motion-capture video screens project your image on the wall, crayons and paper are available to design your own “Ah!” for a chance to be displayed in the exhibition, and deconstructed sushi blocks let you pretend to be Jiro for a day. Photographs in the exhibition are encouraged, and Instagram and Twitter messages tagged with #design_ah are fed into an online image gallery.

Instagram and Twitter "Ah!"Instagram photos with #design_ah appear on the exhibition’s website. Can you spot mine? | click to visit the site

It is hard not to feel inspired at an exhibition like this. Whatever your medium — photography or toy blocks — art and expression are applauded here. “Design Ah!” is on display until June 2, 2013.

"Ah!" sketchesYour sketches immediately appear on the big screen for everyone to critique. | click to enlarge

Growing "Ah!" The greenery-covered “Ah!” will change over the 100 days of the exhibition. | click to enlarge