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Nosigner will unveil his latest work, Waterful at Detour 2010, Hong Kong’s annual design event. Organized by the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, and now a full 5 years old, Detour 2010 aims to showcase Hong Kong as a regional creative hub by featuring young and emerging creative talent.

Nosigner will present a table with 1000 glasses full of water – a prime example of “power in numbers.” A glass of water, standing alone wouldn’t make me blink an eyelid. But when amassed together in such multitude and such form… well, I’ve never seen anything like it.

This year, the event will be held in partnership with Japan and is slated to take place in a prison and, ever so appropriately, will run with the theme “Not Guilty.” Events will be held at Victoria Prison(16 Old Bailey Street)from November 26 to December 12.

Japan’s sub-theme, dubbed “Not Guilty – Pure Water Design” attempts to reconcile our current environmental concerns – resources, food, water, energy – with Japan’s perfectionist aesthetic, such as their delicate eye for materials, simplicity and balance in form and shape.