HK Gravity Pearl by Nosigner

Magnets seem to be a trend at the design events in Tokyo this year. During Design Tide Tokyo (10/30 – 11/3) Nosigner will be showcasing his latest design, HK Gravity Pearl.

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Taking advantage of the collective wealth of knowledge of the artisans of Izumi – the group who first created artificial pearls in Japan – HK (pronounced haku) has produced a most beautiful piece of jewelry. The magnets embedded within the artificial pearls allow it to transform from a necklace to an earring, to a ring and to a broach.

I love how it’s presented in a test tube. It’s not even trying to pretend to be real. So proud of its artificialness!


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  1. Johnny

    October 30, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    picked up on core77:

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