This Cat Table Gives Your Feline a Seat in the Table

Japanese online retailer dinos has released a new line of cat furniture and part of their line-up includes this all-natural oak wood table. With a perch underneath and a hole in the middle, it gives your feline friend a seat, right in the middle of the table. Expertly crafted with high-quality wood, the fashionable table is beautiful both with or without your kitty.

The cat table was designed to bridge the gap between pet furniture and human furniture, which often disproportionately serves one or the other. Instead, this table can equally serve both. Of course the power-balance is also clear: when you don’t want your kitty to join, or if it simply has no interest in your affairs, a 16-cm lid seamlessly covers the hole, immediately rendering it a normal table.

Each table is handmade by artisans in Japan and is available in two colors: natural and dark brown. But they don’t come cheap. The made-to-order table comes at a price tag of 159,500 jpy (about $1,500 usd). You can see the entire lineup of dinos’ pet furniture here.


  1. Maxine G Rodriguez

    August 16, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    How awful that your company is selling this disgusting table that allows a cat’s head to poke through the middle of a person’s dining table. Cats arent suppose to be on the table in the first place. What happened?? You cant sell enough of these tables in the restaurants that poke the monkeys heads through and kill and eat the monkeys’ brains while they are alive!!!??? Now you want to sell this digusting product as a product for household cats to accompany people at the dining table, when we as pet parents must teach our feline and canine pets to stay off the table! Unless you are selling this table under the disguise of having something cute for pets, while others are buying these tables in order to continue to eat monkeys, dogs. and cats!!!

    • That is incredibly racist and ignorant to even state. You’re making an accusation without any actual evidence, based purely on your speculation and narrow stereotype of Asia. It’s something cute, don’t taint it with your opinion of what is acceptable or not. Shame on you.

    • Wow, I’ve never seen someone so disproportionately agitated over a novelty table. Maybe have a bit of a lie-down while the rest of us chuckle over this cute and funny design.

    • man, people will get upset at *literally* anything

    • You just believe anything you see on TV, don’t you? The scene was fake.

      “But it wasn’t enough, and LeCilaire decided to shoot staged sequences. He and a writer came up with a list of fatal scenarios – alligator attack, electric chair, beheading – and added other elaborately disgusting sections, such as the monkey brains scene. He hired actors, booked locations, and a professional Hollywood crew shot the film in a little over a month.”

      “It’s startling how many people don’t believe this, but almost everything in Faces of Death was the result of a regular film production. While there’s plenty of footage of actual corpses in the archival segments, no real person actually died onscreen. Not even the monkey. ‘Cauliflower for the brains,’ Schwartz later revealed. ‘Theater blood for the blood.'”

    • Methinks you’re reading too much into this table. It’s a beautifully crafted, novel piece for the right buyer, a lounge table for being together with your pets, nothing more nothing less. I don’t have a cat, but my daughter does and she loved the concept (not that she’d ever buy it).
      I like that there are artisans out there whose minds continually tread paths that allow them to create and innovate, for us to appreciate. And yes, we all have the right to like/dislike, and I appreciate that you have found it unpalatable.

  2. Loved it.
    This post provided a badly needed chuckle today. A sincere thank you from a lover of all cats in Victoria BC Canada

  3. I love this set up my Chongo #Chongothatsme Cat
    Would love this . And I like the hole with cover .and lot of seating space too Made my day home sick w a cold (no COVID thank goodness ).

  4. Anyone who has watched The Faces of Death will involuntarily recall the extremely disturbing (and apparently very real) scene of diners seated around a similar table wielding small hammers to smash the skull of a live monkey imprisoned within and then scooping out the poor creature’s brains, in a manner similar to eating a soft boiled egg. Presumably, the designer of this table has not seen that film.

  5. Pratibha Gaonkar

    August 22, 2021 at 11:26 am

    With or without the cat, the table and seating arrangement is so elegant. Simple classic lines yet very modern. The cat adds a piquant touch.

  6. If she could, my cat would have designed this! Makes me smile. Very clever design.

  7. that’s horrible. I’ve heard this but never seen saw faces of death. A huge cat lady here and saw the table & I like it as I personally would let my fur babies use it as we don’t really eat at our table anyhow. But it’s too much money. As far as the person saying racist that’s ridiculous as now days facts are racist . This coming from someone who’s been in only interracial relationships & marriages .

    • Captain Obvious

      August 28, 2021 at 10:08 am

      You really think if this was a table at the local American Baptist church craft shop that commenter would have been like “OH MY GOD YOU PEOPLE EAT MONKEYS THAT’S SICK”! Like… what races are your interracial experiences with, Nebraskans and Swedish?

    • I’m not denying the idea that there are people in Asia who eat monkey brains. As pointed out above by others the movie with that scene is faked, and I was replying to the accusations of the table being used for such a practice without actual knowledge of the percentage of the Asian population that eats it or even how they do it. Can you prove or say that her statement the table WILL be used to eat monkey brains in China which is somehow this tables main market? Or is it ignorant speculation due to a narrow view of Asian culture?

  8. This is a lovely design, my cats would certainly appreciate it!
    It also gives the possibility to create a surreal flower arrangement: with the plants seemingly crawling out of the table instead of standing in a vase.

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