Dogs More Than Welcome at Japan’s Regina Resorts

even the signage throughout the hotel is catered to our four-legged friends

At the Regina Resorts, a chain of boutique hotels in Japan, you’ll find more than a ‘Dogs Welcome’ policy. You’ll find a resort that has been specifically designed and tailored to accommodate our four-legged friends and their human partners. For example, at the Regina Resort Kyu-Karuizawa, one of the more recent locations, everything from the reception area and the dog run to the signage is put in place to cater to doggos.  

the lobby of the Regina Resort Kyu-Karuizawa

Traveling with your dog can be stressful. There’s the constant worry that others at your destination will be annoyed, or complain. And then there’s always the possibility that your dog breaks something or tears up a wall. But at Regina Resorts, all those anxieties can be left at home. High-durability, non-slip floors and walls are installed throughout the space.  And rooms come with all those  amenities like pee-pads, crates and even dog food and bowls so you can lighten your load. There’s a dog run and hiking paths.

Tying it all together is beautiful art direction and signage by Kishino Shogo, who added his touch of playfulness by creating a series of signs low to the ground, just for dogs.

even the hotel maps incorporate an image of a dog
the public dog run


  1. Seems like a nice idea to me; I think more countries could take a leaf out of Regina Resorts book. The pet industry shows no sign of slowing down, might as well make the most of the opportunity, while it’s there.

  2. Very nice idea. But I think it only works in Japan, which most customers are self-disciplined. I don’t dare to imagine if it opens in other countries. lol

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