Dolce Takubo is a Stunning Made-To-Order Patisserie in Daikanyama

photos by Satoshi Shigeta courtesy Tadokoro Sekkei

Set off of a busy street in Shibuya’s Daikanyama neighborhood is a stunning combination of wood and stone that breaks up the urban landscape with quiet tranquility. Carved into one of the large, granite stepping stones are the words Dolce Takubo, which is the name of this patisserie that serves some of the most delectable desserts.


Dolce Takubo is actually a spinoff from Michelin-starred restaurant Tacubo, which is just a 2-minute walk away. What makes them unique is not just their stunning, minimalistic interiors but that fact that they encourage their patrons to reserve their financier cakes and puddings in advance. That way the desserts are prepared just in time for pick-up and can be enjoyed at home as if they had just come out of a kitchen.

The store was designed by architect Yuki Tadokoro, who rearranged the pre-existing retail structure so that the small backyard turned into the entrance. The minimal usage of wooden frame and stone creates an elegant space that could easily be an art gallery.

Dolce Takubo also serves walk-in customers! You can learn more on their website as well as their Instagram account.



  1. I came upon this coffee shop by accident in October. It’s absolutely stunning, but it doesn’t invite passersby to come in. The lack of a sign, the wood and stone levels are barriers to entry. Clearly, they’re not going for a mass crowd, but I’m mixed in my feelings about it.

    • 100% agree, easily one of the most intimidating places to enter on first glance. Didn’t even know the name of it (apparently it’s carved on one of the big stones on the ground??), despite passing numerous times, until coming across this article.

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