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Spotlighting Contemporary Female Directors, Producers, Cinematographers & Screenwriters from Japan & A Classics Film Selection (November 11-20, 2022)

A survey of the growing prominence and visibility of women in film, the latest ACA Cinema Project series The Female Gaze: Women Filmmakers from JAPAN CUTS and Beyond focuses on the essential roles that female artists play from behind the camera in Japanese cinema—ranging from directing and screenwriting to production and cinematography. Presenting an exciting array of screenings and premieres—that include new mainstream and independent works from JAPAN CUTS alumni and rising talents alongside a classics selection—The Female Gaze offers a much-needed deep dive into the remarkable and overlooked contributions of women in contemporary Japanese cinema.

Kicking off on November 11th with Akiko Ohku’s Wedding High followed by a discussion with the filmmaker and an opening night party, The Female Gaze continues with the latest works of Riho Kudo and Mayu Nakamura. Highlights include Shuichi Okita’s charming One Summer Story, shot by cinematographer Akiko Ashizawa; Nagi’s Island, a summer tale produced by Kumi Kobata and Naoko Ogigami’s Riverside Mukolitta on November 18th, will include a discussion with director Ogigami, and a reception. The series wraps with Plan 75 (dir. Chie Hayakawa), the East Coast Premiere of Japan’s submission for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards. Women in Film, a panel discussion featuring Naoko Ogigami, among others, will be held on November 19th.

The Female Gaze also includes a classics focus on screenwriters Yoko Mizuki and Natto Wada. Japan Society will present the international premieres of two new 4K restorations—Conflagration and Her Brother—written by the screenwriters and directed by Kon Ichikawa. As part of the ACA Cinema Project, Filmmakers on the Rise will present the recent works of burgeoning talents Naoya Fujita, ​​Risa Negishi and Nanako Hirose.


In-person screenings: Tickets on sale now. Most tickets are $15/$10 members.

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