Fadeless by Nobu Miake | a vase for dried flowers

Ichirinzashi, or the single flower vase, can seem like an odd concept in the West where the large, plentiful flower bouquet is preferred. In Japan, however, it’s not rare to go out in search of a flower vase (and pay just as much, I might add, as a regular vase) for that single stem, which will proudly and regally be displayed in the entrance of your home. It’s a tradition inspired by a historic reverence for nature and simplicity that receives a fresh new twist from designer Nobu Miake, part of the design unit Design Soil.

Fadeless is a series of single flower vases that, with a slight configuration, can extend the life of that one important stem by preserving it in a dried state. Using brass, wood, leather and a rubber band, Miake has crafted a gorgeous product that not only preserves the flower, but time itself.

Design Soil is a collaborative design unit consisting of 14 student designers from Kobe Design University. The aim of the project is to experiment with different themes and challenge our notions of what ordinary design is. Earlier this year we covered the Kobe Design University’s 2012 graduation show.

[correction] An earlier version of this article referred to Mr. Miake as a student designer. He is a lecturer.

Source: Design Soil website

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  1. Mr. Miake is a lecturer, not a student.

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