The Kaki Flower Vase Creates the Illusion of a Floating Flower

The Kaki Flower Vase was born from the simple idea of wanting to create a flower vase that could be attached to windows. But how do you create an object for a window without significantly obstructing the view? The result was a translucent sheet and bubble of water that creates the illusion of a levitating bouquet of flowers.

The Kaki Flower Vase is the work of Japanese design duo TODO, comprised of Mr. Okaniwa and Mr. Toyosaki. The light adhesive sheet of PVC allows the flower vase to stick on to glass surfaces, be removed and then freely reapplied. And it will never topple over and break so it could be a good alternative if you have wild kids running around inside.

Add a bit of magic to your everyday view with a levitating bubble of water and flower. The Kaki Flower Vase is available in Japan for 1,728 yen (about $15). It comes in 3 colors: clear, blue and brown.

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  1. Very interesting concept.

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