Although I never considered myself a huge gamer, the Famicon certainly occupied a large presence in my childhood memories from growing up in Japan. Even the frustrating blows of air into the cassettes to get them to work properly, and that annoying double-pronged wire that hooked up behind the television, are now fond memories. So I was pretty excited when I saw that stationary company San-Ei was releasing a line of items inspired by the 1980s video game console.


San-Ei’s lineup of Famicon-inspired items includes pencils and pens, clear folders and memo pads that all can fit snug into the Famicon tote bag. There’s also a ringed notebook that’s designed to be the exact same length and width as the original.

The items are set to go on sale December 23 but many of them are available for pre-order through Amazon.


the famicon tote bag from San-Ei


the famicon tote bag from San-Ei

The Famicon’s nostalgia value has proven to be a hit this season. Last month Nintendo announced that it was releasing a mini-version of its Famicon, pre-loaded with 30 classic games including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda. After its release in Japan and then in the U.S., demand has been stronger than Nintendo expected. It’s “become one of the hottest gift items of the year,” reported the NYT. “It has struck a chord especially among older millennials and younger members of Generation X.”


the palm-sized Mini Famicon being released by Nintendo