Flash Sale #001: polar ice

This week marks the official start of summer! And there’s no better way to cool down while also making an environmentally aware statement than with “polar ice.” Two silicon cups produce these unique ice cubes that depict a polar bear and 2 penguins standing on a glacier. Once in your drink, they gradually melt away, mimicking a real-life scenario that many arctic animals are currently facing.

They were designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi, who made a splash when they were originally unveiled at Tokyo Designer’s Week. The silicone cups are made in Japan and are safe to use with food (backed up by US and European food safety tests).

Read on to reserve one for yourself!

IMPORTANT: We experienced a technical glitch and if you submitted your information on Monday June 18th, your name may not have been saved in our database. Please resubmit just to be safe. We won’t double-count you. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Sorry, this flash sale has ended. But you can always order one for yourself through White Rabbit Express.


  1. Hi, just to check if you will be putting the Evolution Eraser by Hiroyuki Shiratori on Flash sale?

    Many thanks

  2. That would be great, I regretted for not buying it when I saw it in Jiyugaoka. I have been following this site and all the posting shared are just so wonderful.

  3. Hi Johnny,
    >sorry this flash sale has closed

    maybe you could let people know that the item can always be purchased from White Rabbit if they missed the sale!

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