Want to incorporate an iconic symbol of macho huntsmanship into your home but don’t want to go after Bambi? Then Rocky may be for you. Part of the brand new Tsuchinoco collection (previously) designed by Masahiro Minami, Rocky is a deer wall-mount that doubles as a clothes hanger. Environmentally friendly, it’s made from reinforced corrugated cardboard and is lightweight yet strong. Rocky is easy to assemble and comes with numbered instructions, as well as screws to mount to the wall. It would make a perfect trophy for any room.

(Disclaimer: no cardboard boxes were harmed in the making of this product)

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Material: reinforced corrugated cardboard
Size: W27 in D13 in H24 in
Designer: Masahiro Minami
Price: $105 (inc. shipping)
hang with picture hooks (included)
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