forest xylophone and Touch Wood SH-08C

touch wood ad

This is a commercial that was filmed for NTT Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C wooden-encased phone. It was created by Morihiro Harano of Drill Inc. and, according to this Times blog post, the sounds are all authentic. And as far as I’m concerned, no CGI either. Forest xylophone (the Japanese title of the video) features a wooden ball that simply relies on the forces of gravity to carry it down the extensive xylophone as it plays Bach’s Cantata 147.

The phone itself – crafted from hinoki wood thinnings from Nakatoso in Kochi prefecture, rendering each unit unique in both color and grain – was produced by my friends at Rightning Inc.

The first shipment of the 15,000 limited edition phones went on sale March 18th and, less than 2 weeks later, Rightning was happy to report that the first batch – all 2000 of them – had sold out. More shipments will be coming in but due to the special processing of the wood they are unable to mass-produce the phones. Therefore, they will be supplied in increments.

touch wood phone 1

toouch wood phone 2

Beautiful phone. Beautiful commercial. Congratulations to all involved!

(thanks K!)




  1. this is so beautiful and well executed! amazing.

  2. I love the idea but what’s with all the crap on the back?

  3. @Timmeh – yea, too bad they couldn’t find a way to hide or at least camouflage all that stuff.

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