Red Eclipse by Takeshi Miyakawa

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Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Takeshi Miyakawa just announced that he has completed “Red Eclipse.”  The table, which – from afar – appears to be a complete Japanese flag, is actually composed of a large, red void encapsulated by the rest of the table.

The designer plans to create only 10 tables, which will be sold for $1000 each. Extracting costs for the material (10%), all other proceeds will go towards the earthquake relief effort. If you are interested, get in touch with him via his website.

While simplistic in form, the bold and powerful design captures the energy of the earthquake, as well as emptiness and sadness we all feel for those we lost. It’s really a beautiful table.

(thanks masako)




  1. one of the most exquisite works made for a Japan relief cause. truly beautiful. thanks to spoon & tamago for posting this!!

  2. Such an elegant table! And like any real piece of art, the symbolism elevates it to something higher than that. Wish I had $1000, but I’m still feel very good about my very small contribution to the Red Cross. Everything helps. Thanks to Mr. Miyakawa for coming up with this beautiful design, and thanks to Mr. Strategy for sharing it with us.

  3. Just so beautiful!!!!!

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