Nekobusou, or “Armored Cats”

On April 1, 2018, Japanese toy-maker Bandai announced a new lineup and innovative figurines. Nekobusou, or “Armored Cats” in English, were essentially adorable kitty transformers that could wrap themselves with lethal killing machines. The company must have known that they were on to something right away. The original tweet racked up almost 3000 retweets and likes, which presumably prompted the company to go ahead with the idea. Or maybe they were tasting the waters all along. Regardless, Armored Cats are coming.

killer drone cat

The Armored Cats are debuting at a hobby show in Japan right now but for those without access like us will have to wait until August. The armored cats will come in various types of cat figurines and various configurations of armor. The simple pieces (namimori) plan to retail for 500 yen while the decked out cats (tenkomori) will sell for 1,388 yen.

cat missile launcher

mecha-helicopter cat

an example of the Namimori set

an example of the tenkomori set