Japanese illustrator Noryco is many things but one of those things is a cat lover. And it shows in her work. Her portfolio is full of emblazoned cats, cherry blossom cats, working cats and even a section dedicated to cats inspired by Tim Burton. One of our favorites though are these simple but charming watercolors of different types of cats wearing different styles of eyewear.

From Exotic shorthairs in teardrop frames to a Bombay in a pair of styling Wellingtons, we’re here to give you your full fix of bespectacled felines.


exotic shorthair in teardrop frames

Persian in round frames

bombay in wellington frames

a mix in a pair of cat-eye frames

a ragdoll cat in a pair of hexagon frames

american curl in a blau frames

a tabby in a pair of semi-auto frames

a russian blue a pair of lexingtons