a prototype for lantern-shaped crossing lights

GOES is a Tokyo-based ad agency that creates nice but fairly normal posters, catalogs, packaging design and branding for various Japanese companies. But it’s during their free time when their creativity really shines.

a bookshelf that takes after the LINE messaging app. Shelves are divided into “read” and “unread”

The small company of 4 maintains a fairly constant tumblr and twitter account where they post all kinds of zany, whimsical ideas and prototypes like lantern-shaped crossing lights, a bookshelf that takes after the LINE messaging app and a simple design change to cans that would make them easier to open.

Some of the ideas are clearly just for fun, but others make us really wish they existed. Those lantern-shaped crossing lights would be great in certain parts of old Tokyo.

cherry blossom 10-yen stamps make you want to add more stamps than you might need

white rice notepads with different sides printed on each paper

a revolver-shaped battery charger for those manly types

ax-shaped bookmarks for those books that give you a headache

ramen bowl-shaped spoons

this dancing clock continues to take on different forms as the time passes

eraser covers that look like vending machines

this small design change would help those with short nails open their beverage