The Good Design Awards expo is coming up at the end of this month and to gear things up the committee has officially released the list of products that will be on display and consequently up for a Good Design Award. I’ve been sifting through the 50 categories and 1748 products and have decided to highlight a select few that caught my attention.
Kicking it off with the product packaging category:


Product: Forest Milk
Designer: Rise Design Office
For Amita Corporation
Description: Sustainable farming applied to dairy. Cows are free to roam an unused forest 365 days a year. The cows are happy and in turn they also promote upkeep of the forest by eating grass and weeds that would normally have had to been cut away.

Product: Blue Earth Dream Packaging
Designer: Samsung
Description:  Released contiguously with Samsung’s Blue Earth solar powered cell phone, the packaging is designed without adhesives and using environmentally friendly materials. The design also encourages and facilitates 2nd usage as a picture frame or business card holder.