Happy Friday! I’ve been giving my own personal preview of the Good Design Awards throughout the week and I’ll be wrapping up with the Digital Content category today. It would be cool if some of my picks end up winning but I don’t have very high expectations…

Website: LINK
Client: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Tech
Designer: Business Architects
Government agencies, by nature, are distant and somewhat mysterious. MEXT wanted to change that perception and help people understand what they really do. The result is a fun and inviting website that includes tons of statistics and documents archived in an interactive format that encourages people to make their own discoveries.

Website: LINK
Client: Hamano Bags
Designer: Risky Brand
Hamano, perhaps one of Japan’s oldest maker of luxury leather goods, was first established in 1880 but had been making leather sword holders for the samurai even before that. Clients included Princess Dianna and other notable royalty, making their brand an obsession amongst the wealthy. The relaunching of their  brand via a new website symbolizes an important move in increasing their presence among their European counterparts.