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Architect Chiba Manabu recently updated his website with photos of the Children’s Castle, a public facility in Isahaya City that opened its doors to tots earlier this year. Isahaya City is located in central Nagasaki and is the 3rd largest city (by population) of the prefecture. Isahaya has gone through numerous changes, the most recent in 2005 when it merged with 5 smaller provinces.   The city suffered somewhat of an identity crisis but this new facility hopes to resolve that and bring together children and families.

The elevated site, with a view of the city, attempts to distill the essence of play into themes of 1) a will to live, 2) family ties, 3) extraordinary (rather than ordinary) and 4) volunteerism.  I think the site looks awesome. It adapts to its environment and has a creative, flowing vibe that would inspire discovery in any child!

Photos by Masao Nishikawa Photography Studio



  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful concept. Very inspiring.

  2. Beautiful! What a wonderful concept. Very inspiring.

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