Title: Truths only kids can see
Designer: Dentsu
For: Kadokawa Tsubasa (a maker of kids books)
Lenticular printing is a very common technology often used in ads that morph as you walk by them. But by simply rotating the printing from horizontal to vertical you create an image that changes depending on the viewer’s height. This way they succeeded in creating an ad that only kids can read. In a country where enormous pressure is place on kids to perform well on test scores, the company wanted to convey a message to kids that they are their own beings. They don’t have to listen to everything adults tell them. The message on the banner reads, “Listen to a mediocre grownup, and you’ll become mediocre.” Subversive yet cute!

Other banners include, “Hate your teacher? Congratulations, you’re normal” and “Grownups who tell you to study more, know nothing more.” They were installed in a kids bookstore.