Photos by Daici Ano | after the renovation

Wow. Talk about restoration. Torafu Architects transformed this 40-year old office and warehouse building into a private residence.

The top picture shows the building after the renovation and the picture to the right is before. What a difference!

The exterior looks great but the magic really happens inside.

Check out that amazing piece of furniture they placed in the middle of the room. It functions as storage or display shelving but also encompasses a stairway that leads up to the living area. Not only does it function effectively but it also looks great, adding character and personality to the space.

You can check out more pictures on their website of the completed space but also of the construction. Although the work was completed in December 2011, this is only the 1st stage of the project. The 2nd stage will be to convert the basement and 1st floor into a retail space. Can’t wait!

source: Torafu website