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Working within the confines of an extremely narrow site, and within the guidelines imposed by regulatory restrictions, Torafu Architects were forced to come up with some creative solutions to design a functional yet lofty space.

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Completed just last month, House in Ookayama is a two-family residence located in Meguro, Tokyo. The primary method applied, in order to  take full advantage of the given land area, was that of manipulating various floor levels and walls to create a space where furniture and architecture meet, and do a little dance together. In fact, in describing it one runs the risk of coining the word, furnitecture.

For example, the 2nd floor landing not only extends into a bedroom, but it also serves as a work desk. Bookshelving is used to utilize and occupy the narrow space between the 4 interior walls that extend from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor.

You can see this and other projects at their brand-new-spanking redesigned website.