Water Surface Earrings are the Perfect Summer Accessory

Nothing says summer quite like the glimmering surface of a nice cool body of water. Whether you’re a pool person, an ocean person or both, Japanese design studio HAQCI (pronounced ha-ku-shi) has the perfect accessory: earrings that mimic the surface of water.

Handmade from resin, the design studio sells the pieces on their website for 3800 yen. And they’re amazingly realistic. It’s as if a piece of the pool was cut out and removed. And then come in a variety of shapes and forms, all of which can be found right here.

HAQCI are also on Twitter and Instagram, where you can keep up with their work.

similar, but in a slightly different vein, are these water surface earrings that appear to be evaporating


  1. I wasn’t able to find a way to purchase a pair from the States. I went on to their website and they don’t take cards from abroad. Am I missing something in regards to purchasing, or is it just not available outside of Japan?

    • ah, right. many smaller Japanese merchants won’t accept overseas customers. in cases like this you’ll have to use a forwarding service. try doing a search for “japan forwarding service”

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