Artist Has Spent Last Two Years Drawing Animals to Fulfill Twitter Promise. Has Another 16 Years to Go.

Be careful of the promises you make on social media. Two years ago, a Japanese artist who goes by the name Harenatsu posted a photo to her Twitter account introducing her series “small animals playing in the notebook lines.” She went on to explain that for every retweet, one animal would appear. It was retweeted 22,000 times.

The original tweet, posted on April 8, 2020, introducing the artist’s series “small animals playing in notebook lines”

Based in Hokkaido, Harenatsu is an artist and painter who spends her time creating beautiful watercolor paintings of animals and flowers. And for the last two years she has used her spare time to fulfill her Twitter promise of drawing 22,000 animals playing in the lines of her notebook. So far, she’s drawn just over 2800, which means she has just 19,000 to go! If she continues at the same rate Harenatsu will successfully fulfil her promise in 16 years.

It’s admirable that the artist as so far stuck to her promise. And each of the animals she’s drawn are thoughtful and playful. Look closely and you’ll find a goat eating a torn page, a panda dangling helplessly, and other whimsical surprises. The notebook, in its own right, is already a wonderful piece of artwork.

You can keep up with the artist on Twitter or Instagram and also check out her online shop where she sells her illustrations printed on key chains, face masks and other small items.


  1. Richard Bannister

    February 6, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    I love Spoon & Tamago! Don’t know how I found it, but happy I did. Thank you, Richard

  2. She’s wonderful, especially for trying to keep drawing. And the artwork is amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

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