Talk about being resourceful! Crafted from bamboo, this pencil comes with a small recycled sachet designed to receive its shavings, after it has been sharpened. When the sachet is sealed, it becomes a heat pad thanks to the composting process of the bamboo.

Professor Hirakazu Seki of Kanazawa University has shown that bamboo shavings generate temperatures of up to 50°C (JP) during fermentation. Based on his findings, two young Japanese designers – Tokyo-based Kenjo Ohashi and London-based Chihiro Konno (previously) – have collaborated to create the Heat Pad Pencil. Simply place the shavings in the sachet and seal to initiate the fermentation process. Not only does it serve is a source of warmth but once the heat has dissipated the shavings have been converted to fully biodegradable compost.

The Heat Pad Pencil was a finalist in the Prix Emile Hermes award. Now in it’s second year, the award is offered primarily to young, up-and-coming designers. Sponsored by the Hermes Foundation, each year a specific theme is provided as a starting point. This year it’s “Heat, Me-Heat, Re-Heat.”

source: @masakawa