Handmade Imari Porcelain Jewelry

HiN is a new Japanese jewelry brand created by designer Haruka Okabe. HiN (品 in Japanese ), which means dignity, works with purveyors of traditional craft work to create contemporary designs. Their first collaboration is with Hatamantoen, a pottery studio in Saga Prefecture that specializes in Imari porcelain.

Imari porcelain is typically seen in large bowls and vases that are adorned with intricate hand-painted designs. This collection shrinks and condenses those techniques into minuscule pieces of jewelry that are light, modern and equally elegant.

The hand painting, known as etsuke, is a 2-step process that invovles underglaze painting and overglaze painting. The underglaze painting is done directly onto the bisque ware with a pigment before being glazed. Then a 2nd layer is applied over the glaze, creating durability but also depth within the designs.

The jewelry pieces can be ordered online (but the much of the ordering process is in Japanese so non-native speakers may want to consider using a forwarding service). If you’re in Tokyo, HiN has been doing several pop-ups, many of which are posted on their Instagram account. In the near-term, their pieces are being shown at Tsutaya Books in Daikanyama (through 07-31-2019) and Tsutaya Books in Ginza (through 08-19-2019)


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    I would like to order something from the HiN line and your article recommends using a “forwarding” service. What is that and how do I access one that will forward the goods to Toronto Ontario?

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