Before you get too excited, let’s get one thing clear: Sample, despite what the name might have you believe, is not giving anything away for free. They’re very much in business and it’s one of minimal wooden goodness. Tapping into the collective creativity of Japanese designers across Japan, Sample has selected a few of their favorite sample projects and turned them into actual products.

Behind the idea is a concept they call “a little bit of good.” And in the case of their gorgeous hinoki wood peripherals, it refers to the production process of using rounded timber that was leftover from forest thinning. Recycling materials + offering a lifeline to a dying traditional art by providing a constant source of work is certainly a little bit of good in my book.


Designed by Taiji Fujimori, Ripple (3,150 yen) not only provides an elegant resting spot for your phone but always keeps you charger in place.

i isu

iDesigned by Katsushi Nagumo, i isu (3,780 yen) gives your iPhone it’s own iChair.


Often times a single family will have multiple devices. Kinodai (39,900 yen) is a holder of 2 pads and 2 phones. It even comes with storage. Designed by Takashi Kirimoto.

Calm Trees

A minimal beauty of an iPad stand. Calm Trees (3,400 yen) works with iPad 1 or 2, as well as your iPhone 4. It was designed by Tonerico.

You can purchase any of these products by navigating the Japanese website, or you can use a forwarding service.