The Hobonichi Planner is somewhat of a cult must-have in Japan. The 400-page daily planner has its own lengthy Wikipedia page, as well as massive collection of crowd-sourced images showing off creative uses of the planner. It features a precise, grid-based design and carefully chosen materials in hopes that users will “uncover” their own story of the year.

They only major flaw was that it was only in Japanese…until now. More than 10 editions later the 2014 Hobonichi Planner is now available in English, thanks to Lindsey Nelson, who works at Hobonichi and has been producing the translated version over the last year.

Hobonichi – an abbreviation of a phrase meaning “almost every day” – was originally started by Shigesato Itoi, a copywriter, essayist and the creator of Nintendo game EarthBound. Check out the adorable promotional video below created by Yugo Nakamura. The catchy tune takes the words kaku (write), kiru (cut) and haru (paste) and turns them into lyrics:




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