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Oki Sato and his luminous design studio Nendo (previously) are being featured in PEN, the bi-monthly design-conscious lifestyle magazine. The Nov. 1 issue, hitting shelves as we speak, features the 35-year old designer on the cover, as well as several in-depth columns on his work, major past projects, his firm history and much more. One astounding revelation: Nendo currently has 250 projects on their plate that are simultaneously moving forward. Wow.

Another fun characteristic of the feature is several collaborative products designed exclusively for the issue:

Cup Noodle Commercial

Nendo has designed everything from furniture and boutiques to silverware and tech gadgets. But the one thing they have never designed is a commercial. Titled “Reverse/Rebirth,” the commercial uses minimal dots and shapes to trace back the origins of cup noodle. There’s even a special website over on Nissin where everything is reversed.

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3D illusion stacking blocks

Lucky readers picking up a copy will find this fun set of 2D cards that, when stacked, create the illusion of a 3D structure.

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Edible chocolate paint

When given the freedom to design anything he wanted, the sweet-toothed Sato decided to create a realistic paint set made from chocolate. Inside the chocolate tubes are different flavored sauces. If you’re in Japan you’ll be able to order the limited edition chocolate paint (4,200 yen) on the PEN website starting Oct 22.

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Heads or Tails dog accessory collection

The three-piece collection consists of a dog bed, dishes and toys. “The artificial leather bed becomes a little hut when dogs burrow inside it, and a cushion when they lie on top,” says Sato. “The ceramic dishes are reversible, with a shallow dish for food on one side and a deeper dish for water on the other.”

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  1. How fantastic is the edible paint set! Would never dare eat it of course-love it!

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